[Vision2020] Sleep In A Former Red Brick Schoolhouse At Northside School B&B In Idaho For A Charming Time

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Of course the interior looks different than it did in the days I was a 
student in Mrs. Fox's third grade class learning the multiplication 
table, but the exterior building shape is memorable.

I spent only one year at the Northside school before advancing to Valley 
View elementary for grades four through eight, and then to the old high 
school building, now demolished.

Since the remodel into a bed and breakfast, the building is reputed to 
have the highest natural gas bill of any privately-held building in 
Boundary County.

Parent's and maternal grandparent's former residences of nearly half a 
century are within two blocks, and the hospital from which they departed 
is within three.

Yes, I've been there, seen that.


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