[Vision2020] Endangered Species Act: Conservation Implications of Recent Changes

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Jay O’Laughlin presented "Endangered Species Act: Conservation Implications of Recent Changes" at the League of Women Voters of Moscow (LWV-Moscow) forum on Wednesday (Oct. 16) in the Arts Workshop of the 1912 Center, Moscow. 
On Aug. 12, the Trump administration finalized changes in rules for implementing several aspects of the Endangered Species Act, a law designed to identify, protect, and recover animal and plant species imperiled with extinction. The presentation will provide an overview of ESA purpose, mechanisms, and implementation issues; describe how recent changes modify ESA implementation regulations; and to encourage lively discussion, review the reactions of conservation organizations and other ESA commentators to these changes.   

O'Laughlin is emeritus professor and director of the Policy Analysis Group at the University of Idaho College of Natural Resources.  During the 25 years he was full-time director of the Policy Analysis Group at the UI, he oversaw preparation of ESA reports on wolf, grizzly bear, salmon, bighorn sheep, and sage-grouse conservation in Idaho, as well as on ESA processes. Since retiring in 2014, he co-authored a textbook on natural resource policy, including an ESA primer and ESA case illustrations.
Photos and videos f this presentation are accessible at:

“Endangered Species Act: Conservation Implications of Recent Changes”

Photos and videos of previous LWV-Moscow forums are accessible at:


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