[Vision2020] Trump Accuses Vindman of Becoming a War Hero Just to Make Him Look Bad (SATIRE)

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Trump Accuses Vindman of Becoming a War Hero Just to Make Him Look Bad

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Moments after the decorated veteran testified to Congress on Tuesday, Donald Trump accused Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman of becoming a war hero “just to make me look bad.”
In a vicious broadside on Twitter, Trump claimed that Vindman carried out an “evil plan, years in the making” to “load himself up with medals” that would give his future testimony against Trump greater credibility.
“Fifteen years ago, he went to fight in Iraq, thinking to himself, ‘Boy, this is going to help me when I try to attack Trump someday,’ ” Trump tweeted. “This is how the Never Trumpers roll.”
When Vindman earned a Purple Heart, Trump wrote, “His scheme to attack me personally really started coming together.”
Trump contrasted Vindman, whom he called a “disgraceful showboat,” unfavorably with Representative Devin Nunes, whom he labelled “a great American.”
“Say what you will about Devin Nunes, he’ll never go and do something heroic,” Trump tweeted.


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