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How are you supporting businesses that are wrecking the environment?
Naomi Klein has commented that people acting as consumer choice advocates
to address the climate crisis are misleading people insofar as it distracts
from efforts for systemic large scale government and thus corporate policy
changes, such as carbon fee and dividend or tax, government planning for
energy efficient public transportation and building construction in cities,
public investment in alternative energy expansion, etc.  The individual
consumer is not powerful enough to force these systemic changes.
Corporations could decide on their own to alter behavior to address the
climate crisis, but evidence suggests this is too idealistic.

Klein has a good point, but I wonder:  what if most US citizens buying a
new car or truck refused to buy a fossil fuel powered vehicle?  Would the
auto industry be forced to adapt to these consumer demands, maybe expanding
electric vehicle production?  Or if home buyers insisted on buying a new
home only if it incorporated alternative solar or wind energy, with energy
saving design, for example?  Or smaller homes using less energy?  Or could
major changes in eating habits cause a shift a lower carbon impact
agricultural model?  Many people could simply decide to live a lifestyle
that does not mandate owning a personal motor vehicle for day to day life!
These options by consumer choice alone would be a significant impact.

I think consumers do have a lot of power merely by their consumer choices
to address the climate crisis.  But major government and corporate policy
shifts are also essential.

The climate crisis requires every option be pursued.
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> AUTUMN 2019
> TO: vision2020 at moscow.com
> SUBJECT: Environment, government (2 of 4)
> Let us be very clear: a business is not the government; a corporation is
> not the government. Though they wish and sometimes act convincingly like
> the government, a business is a business. A business is not the government.
> So I ask each one of you - what have you done to address the climate
> crisis? How are you supporting businesses that are wrecking the environment?
> Do you work for a corporation or business? What can you do to improve the
> environment?
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