[Vision2020] Amy Siskind's "The List" Week 155 "Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember"

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Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

 This week, further testimony in the impeachment probe brought the fifth
and sixth public confirmation of a quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine,
including so far William Taylor, Gordon Sondland, Sen. Ron Johnson, Mick
Mulvaney, Alexander Vindman and Tim Morrison. By week’s end, Senate
Republicans discussed shifting their defense of Trump to acknowledging his
quid pro quo, but saying it was not illegal — differing from House
Republicans who continued to deny it, and Trump who maintained he had a
“perfect” call and tested out new explanations for what occurred.
Allegations of a possible White House cover up of Trump’s July 25 call also
surfaced in this week’s testimony.

The House of Representatives took its first full, public vote on
impeachment, passing a resolution to proceed with public hearings, and
setting out ground rules to proceed. In the meantime, aspects of the
Mueller probe came back into the spotlight as ongoing court cases played
out, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would not rule out including new
information in the impeachment inquiry.

Trump tried to pivot and focus attention on a successful raid that killed
the head of ISIS, seeking to turn it into a Hollywood story to distract
attention and legitimize his haphazard foreign policy. This week hundreds
of U.S. troops abandoned Kurdish allies in Syria, while hundreds of others
moved back to Syria to protect oilfields not owned by the U.S. Trump
attended his first Major League Baseball game for the World Series, and was
treated to boos when he was announced, and chants of “Lock him up!” an
inning later.
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