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Kitten with 'kangaroo syndrome' rescued in western Maine

NAPLES, Maine (WGME) – A kitten, and his mother, were left to die in western Maine.
A rescue group says they were found tied up in a bag.
“He’s going to be a lucky boy, he’s going to be a lucky boy,” Western Maine Cat Coalition President Stephanie Mains said.
Meet Roo.
This two-month-old kitten was found in a bag with his mother, Precious.
“We said, ‘We’ll take him,’ not knowing what his issues were, but we knew he was handicapped because there was something going on with his front legs, they were bent, so we said, ‘We’ll take him,’” Mains said.
Roo walks a little differently than a normal kitten.
“He hops around like a kangaroo if he’s going after another cat of if he’s going and playing,” Mains said.
Meet Roo! This kitten was rescued at just two weeks old after he was found in a bag with his mother. It turns out Roo has Kangaroo syndrome. 
When Stephanie Mains first took Roo in, she thought he might lose his legs, but after taking him to the vet, they learned he has "kangaroo syndrome" also known as “twisted kitty.”
He's missing a bone in his two front arms.
“Back in, I think it was in 1950s, in the 50’s or something, I think even later on or in earlier years than that, they ended up breeding two cats that were like this so they came out with this designer breed with a cat that hops like a kangaroo,” Mains said.
Roo and Precious will be spayed and neutered, and Roo will live a happy normal life, despite his challenges.
“He has no disability,” Mains said. “To be able to run play, jump around, have fun, you know dive, jump up on the furniture get up on the counters, he’s very much like any kind of kitten.”
He'll live the rest of his life in the care of the Cat Coalition.
A happy ending to this kangaroo cat tale.
“They can live a very normal life and that’s what we want for Roo is to just be a happy kitten and grow into being just a happy cat,” Mains said.


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