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“What kind of pet do you think I should get? “by Jennifer Caldwell

What kind of pet do you think I should get?
A lion, a tiger, or maybe an egret?
My parents said I am responsible and can have whatever I wish.
A hippopotamus, a zebra, or maybe a fish?
What about a giraffe that I can feed from my upstairs bed?
Or would I have to climb up on the roof when it needs fed?
Maybe a lion who is a king and I can be the prince?
Do you think my parents I would have to convince?
There are monkeys and gorillas and snakes of all types!
But I think a cobra or boa constrictor would cause my mom to gripe!
Maybe an elephant, but they have such big poop!
A dump truck is what you would need if you had to poop scoop!
What about a camel with one or two humps?
I think if I rode it lot it would start to hurt my rump!
Or a polar bear like I saw at the zoo?
Does that mean I would have to live in an igloo?
I just can't decide what I should choose?
Do you think an alligator my parents would refuse?
What about a shark that could live in my pool?
But who would feed it and pet it while I am away at school?
Maybe a grizzly bear; half the year they go to sleep.
Never mind, it might attack my neighbor's herd of sheep!
My little sister said, "Why don't you get a skunk?"
I told her I think that's the worst idea anyone's ever thunk!
It seems like the perfect animal is really hard to pick!
Maybe the best one would be a little baby chick?
I must think about this for just a little while more.
It's too hard to just pick one; will my parents let me choose four?
My mom said she was thinking more like a cat or a dog!
Or maybe it could be a gerbil or a frog.
Let's go to the animal shelter and see what needs a good home.
As for all the other animals, let them be wild and free and let them roam.
We went to the shelter and picked out two!
A cat named Pinky and a dog named Blue.
Both had been abandoned and left to die.
It broke my heart and made me cry!
So if your parents ever let you get a pet,
Head to a shelter and save some lives and have no regret!


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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