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*Supporting Zabala, Kelly and Laflin*

I want to encourage Moscow voters to support Ann Zabala, Sandra Kelly, and
Maureen Laflin on Tuesday. These three represent the Moscow that has been a
little progressive island in traditionally regressive conservative state.
Berends, Urquidez, and Mitchell do not uphold the values that have defined
Moscow as a very special place to live for so many years.

Two of the candidates have stated that they would be in favor of removing
an ordinance that protects LBGTQ people from discrimination; the other
would not remove it but made it clear that he does not support those
protections. Two of the conservative candidates belong to Christ Church, a
cult-like fundamentalist group that has been trying to take control of
Moscow for many years and demands obedience from its members. It would be
naïve to think that with Berends, Urquidez, and Mitchell on the council
further unchecked expansion of Christ Church would be prevented. Let’s not
allow Moscow to become the Northwest version of Heritage USA of the Ark

Let’s work against regressive ideology and unchecked sprawling growth. Vote
for Ann Zabala, Sandra Kelly, and Maureen Laflin on Tuesday. Keep Moscow

Holli Cooper, Moscow


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