[Vision2020] Movement Towards Legalization of Marijuana Begins In Idaho

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Movement Towards Legalization of Marijuana Begins In Idaho
A new group has been formed and vows to do everything possible to legalize the use of marijuana in the Gem State.A new group calling itself the Idaho Cannabis Coalition vows to make it happen through a voter led initiative. They're referring to the bill as the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act, according to the IIdaho Statesman.

The petition will include industrial hemp, which has been in the news lately.  Recently the federal government, legalized hemp by including it in a current farm bill.  Hemp is illegal to sell or produce in the Gem State.

The new law would protect citizens from 'arrest, prosecution, property forfeiture seriously ill or terminally ill patients. Caregivers and suppliers would also be immune to prosecution.  According to the initiative, folks would be given an ID to show authorities that they're following the law.

This movement towards legalization comes at a time when California's Marijuana Industry could be ended.  The Sacramento Bee reports that growers will be in serious trouble if the California Legislature does not pass a bill extending 'temporary licenses' to pot growers.

Published reports indicated that neighboring states, such as Oregon, have noticed that there is too much legal pot.  Producers have had to lower prices to adjust. Some experts predict a further softening of prices due to over supply.

The Idaho State Senate is looking at whether or not to revise the rules on voter referendums.


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