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Yes, your cat is a jerk. On the other hand, my cat is a happy well-adjusted feline genius. Happy Caturday.

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Your cat is a jerk because you’re a bad parent, study says

Let me tell you about a cat named Damien: He’s smart, sassy and impossibly lovable. But if you knew his doting owner — yes, this very Post reporter — you wouldn’t be surprised.

And neither would be scientists at University of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent University in the UK. A new study published this month in the journal PLOS ONE found that cats (who are indeed like our own children) are influenced by their human parents’ personalities.

Researchers surveyed more than 3,000 cat owners, asking questions about their feline family members’ behavior and lifestyle as well as their own. The results, they say, were similar to previous studies on the relationship between parents and their offspring.

Neuroticism was a personality trait of interest to researchers. In the past, this trait in parents was said to be linked with poorer health and a lower quality of life in their children. Similarly, cat owners who were ranked high on the researchers’ neuroticism scale were more likely to suggest their cat having a “behavioral problem.” They displayed more stress-related behaviors such as aggression and anxiousness, sometimes manifesting in illness and feline obesity.

Thankfully, positive traits also correlated between cats and their owners. More attentive and conscientious owners had cats who appeared less skittish and avoidant. This correlation is also reflected in past parent-child relationship studies.

“Many owners consider their pets as a family member, forming close social bonds with them,” says researcher Dr. Lauren Finka. “It’s therefore no wonder our pets could be affected by the way we interact with and manage them, [which are] influenced by our personality differences.”

This study, she says, reflects how integral parenting styles are to both humans and animals.

So pet parents who rage about their cats’ claw swipes or disinterest in using the litter box may actually need to take a long, hard look in the mirror, and ask, “What would Damien do?”


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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