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Oregon Senator hides from vote in Idaho


BOISE, Idaho (CBS 2) — 670 KBOI radio talks with Oregon Senator Tim Knopp
about hiding in Idaho from Oregon State Police.

Sen. Knopp remains "on the run," after Governor Brown sent Oregon State
Police to return 11 Republican senators who held a walkout.

All 11 extended their walkout for the eighth day, denying Democrats enough
lawmakers to call a vote on cap and trade bill.

"Earlier on there were vigorous efforts in an attempt to locate us...
several of us are in Idaho and out of reach," said Sen. Knopp. "Idaho State
Police have said they won't participate in returning Oregon legislators, so
we feel relatively safe."

"The concentration of Oregon's population are Democrats, but geographically
the state is Republican (most of Oregon being Republican when it isn't
counted by population)," explains Nate Shelman. This being one reason why
GOP leaders felt the walkout was needed.

Sen. Knopp said unless there was a breakthrough the senators didn't plan on
coming back by the congressional deadline.

They would be interested in discussing matters with the governor, however,
they will only return to work on budget issues.

"The cap and trade bill must be dead," Sen. Knopp said.

He felt that this bill would do more harm then good, "If we're going to
change Oregon's economy in a drastic fashion, we shouldn't be jeopardizing
Oregon jobs we currently have, when we get the results years from now and
the carbon emission reduction is imperceptible."


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