[Vision2020] Three questions of idle curiousity

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Sun Jul 28 22:06:35 PDT 2019

On 7/28/19 3:23 PM, Lynn McCollough wrote:
> 1. What was the original business at the NE corner of 6th and Main? 
> (It was Neely's Travel Agency when I moved to town, But to me it looks 
> like it was once a café or restaurant.)

Lynn, that is a really old part of town, being part of the original lots 
for Moscow, along 6th street back just two blocks to Jefferson.  The 
city of Moscow web site says that the first store in Moscow opened in 
1875 on what is now Main Street, but it does not specify 6th and Main.  
The legislature met in Moscow before it moved south to Boise (in 
exchange for locating the U of I in Moscow as the state's land grant 
school), so Moscow has been relatively built up for over a century in 
its core blocks and streets.

Some of the turn-of-the-century maps of the area have property owner 
names on the maps, and that information might lead to what that land's 
first usage was.


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