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Zoo Knoxville is adding either an anteater or two bear cats, and they want you to decide which it should be. With helpful video of a baby giraffe, because Caturday.

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Zoo Knoxville is adding an anteater or two bear cats — they want you to decide

Zoo Knoxville posted a poll on Twitter and Facebook asking the community to choose the zoo's next resident.
Knoxville has had an overwhelming response, with some odd explanations.
It's a close call, but zoo officials have the final say.
The winner is expected to be on display in 2020.

Things at Zoo Knoxville are getting #wildlyfun, and the zoo is looking for Knoxvillians to weigh in on their next arrival. 

The zoo asked the Twitterverse and Facebook friends what animal they would like to see on their next visit — and users have opinions. 

The zoo is deciding between adding a giant anteater or a pair of bear cats to fill the space that once belonged to Khaleesi the Komodo dragon. Posts from Zoo Knoxville explained that, unfortunately, both are not an option because of availability. So there can only be one winner.

A decision has not been made yet, but Knoxvillians have a lot of reasons for their vote. 

Some are basing their choice on wanting to feed the new animal, and others are thinking about what they smell like (supposedly bear cats smell like popcorn). Some are even offering name suggestions for the new habitants. Mostly, users are just curious about the unique animals. 

Phil Colclough, Zoo Knoxville's director of animal care, conservation and education, said that he's surprised by the community's engagement and knowledge in the comments. Although he said he's excited to read what visitors want, it's his job to make sure that whichever animal is picked lives a happy and healthy life at the zoo.

Colclough and the Zoo Knoxville team are loving the community's replies, but they will make sure that the zoo keepers have the right amount of expertise to care for the winner. The zoo has housed a bear cat before, but Colclough said it had been years since they have had any on display. An anteater has never been at Zoo Knoxville.

Tina Rolen, director of communications for Zoo Knoxville, said that it looks like the giant anteater is in the lead for now, but once people put together the bear cat's relation to "Rocky Top," things could change.

Don't expect a decision soon: Zoo Knoxville needs to evaluate the vacant space and the needs for the newest animal. But in the meantime, Rolen and Colclough urge fans to keep the comments coming.

Once the zoo chooses their new resident, the animal will join another new kid on the block — a baby giraffe that was born at the beginning of July. Zoo Knoxville said the new animal is  scheduled to be on display in 2020.


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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