[Vision2020] Republicans Defend Trump’s Decision to Give Putin Office Space at White House (SATIRE)

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Republicans Defend Trump’s Decision to Give Putin Office Space at White House

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a sign that Donald J. Trump’s control over the Republican Party is now complete, congressional Republicans on Thursday defended his decision to give the Russian President Vladimir Putin office space at the White House.

A newly emboldened Trump told reporters that he had furnished Putin with a corner-office suite and secretarial staff to use whenever the Russian President is in town. “He says he plans to be here more and more,” Trump said.

Putin, who moved file boxes into his new office on Thursday afternoon, said he looks forward to many productive hours at the White House with few, if any, interruptions.

“At the Kremlin, people are always sticking their heads in my office, asking me questions,” he said. “President Trump just spends all day watching TV.”

At the U.S. Senate, a visibly angry Senator Lindsey Graham called allegations that there was anything improper about Trump giving office space to Putin “totally unfair, disgusting, and vil

“Vladimir Putin has worked harder to run the U.S. government than all of the Democrats in Congress put together,” Graham said.


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