[Vision2020] Walter Cronkite and the Apollo 11 landing

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On 7/14/19 8:30 AM, Tom Hansen wrote:
> Courtesy of /CBS Sunday Morning/.
> When Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, nearly half of the 
> country’s 57 million televisions were turned to CBS’s anchored by 
> Walter Cronkite.  Martha Teichner reports on the epochal vent through 
> the lens of Cronkite’s enthusiastic reportage.
> https://youtu.be/2TkcYHf5oAc

The moon landing happened that Sunday afternoon at about 2:00 PM, 
Pacific Time.  Neil Armstrong stepped on the lunar surface at about 4 
minutes before 8:00 PM; Buzz Aldrin stepped off the ladder about 19 
minutes later.  I was working  the late shift at an Enco service station 
that day, unaware of the lunar events a quarter of a million miles away.

Our family had, within the previous month, moved into a new house 
constructed by my dad and his father-in-law during the previous 
record-cold winter of 1968.  There was a new color television set in the 
living room, but I was so focused on earning college spending money, it 
was for siblings and parents to watch.  Within a month I would be a 
resident of the new Theophilus Tower, and within two months, the 
father-in-law would be a resident of Grandview Cemetery.

1969 was a year of many transitions, most of which are recognized in 


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