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10 Epic Adventures Every Idahoan Must Take Before They Die

Adventure is never really that hard to find here in the Gem State. In fact, it can truly be found anywhere you look! However, there are a few experiences that are simply must-dos for any Idahoan with an adventurous spirit. These 10 epic adventures show off the greatest parts of our beautiful state and you’ll want to add them to your bucket list ASAP. Check out the list below and make it your mission to accomplish a few in the near future.

1.  Camp out in a fire lookout


The best type of campsite is the campsite that comes with a view. Lucky for us, Idaho is home to numerous old fire lookouts that are open to camping reservations. This is a unique Idaho experience that every adventurer should attempt at some point.

2.  Hiking in the Sawtooths


The Sawtooth Mountains are one of Idaho's best-kept secrets. Their jagged profiles and rugged beauty make them one of the most astounding landscapes in the Gem State. Hiking them and seeing them up close is a must for anybody. On top of it all, this range is home to numerous alpine lakes which sweeten the experience even further.

3.  Rafting the Salmon River


Often called "The River of No Return", rafting along this river can sound like a scary experience. However, don't be scared off! The Salmon River provides one of the best rafting experiences in the country and it's an awe-inspiring experience that you'll never forget.

4.  Swim in Idaho’s deepest lake . . . Lake Pend Oreille


Measured at 1,170-feet, North Idaho's Lake Pend Oreille is considered one of the deepest in the country, and it's the largest in Idaho. Seeing this gigantic body of water is definitely a bucket list item for any Idahoan. Boasting tons of recreation opportunities during the summer and pristine beauty all year long, Lake Pend Oreille is one of Idaho's loveliest natural wonders and it's so worth a visit.

5.  Cruise down the Snake River through Hells Canyon


What better way is there to experience the deepest river gorge in North American than by cruising down the middle of it? Taking a jet boat tour of the Snake River in Hells Canyon is a thrilling adventure that anybody can take part in.

6.  Explore the caves at Craters of the Moon


It turns out that Idaho isn't just home to aboveground adventure. In fact, there's plenty to see underground. Explore a side of Idaho that few people have seen before when you visit Craters of the Moon and moonwalk through their numerous underground caves!

7.  Bike the route of the Hiawatha


The Route of the Hiawatha is credited as one of the most stunning rail trails in the country. The 15-mile trail leads you through the Bitterroot Mountains while traversing several long tunnels and sky-high train trestles. Most importantly, the views are out of this world. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the trail for the most part!

8.  Go snowmobiling in Island Park


Did you know that one of the best-groomed snowmobile trail systems in the world is right here in Idaho? This snowmobiling mecca can be found in Island Park, one of the snowiest places in all of Idaho. Boasting over 950 miles of groomed trails, this is a unique winter adventure just waiting to happen.

9.  Hike into Goldbug Hot Springs and soak your worries away


Located just north of Challis, Goldbug Hot Springs is the epitome of the perfect hot springs experience in Idaho. First of all, its remote location in the mountains couldn't be any more stunning. The short hike up the mountain to the natural spring will lead you to a landscape you thought only existed in your dreams.

10.  Climb to the top of North America's tallest single-structured sand dune


Idaho is home to a myriad of diverse landscapes. From forests to the desert, we have it all! Bruneau Dunes State Park is the perfect example of this. It's in this lovely landscape you'll find the highest sand dune in North America, and climbing it is a feat that every Idahoan should attempt.


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