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Animals are family too': Three cats rescued from smoke-filled home, reunited with owners just in time for Caturday,

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'Animals are family too': Three cats rescued from smoke-filled home, reunited with owners

Three cats were rescued from a burning home last week, and there were concerns they might not survive the smoke they inhaled.

Thankfully, those cats did survive -- in fact, they're doing much better.
Firefighters weren't even aware the cats were in the house until the fire was out, but those cats are happily back with their owners now.

They're in good health and great spirits. Fire crews provided oxygen to the cats through donated animal masks.

It was a normal day at Clay Station 23 when they got a call for a fire at a home.

The fire was out within minutes of arrival, but crews had to go to the basement to shut the power off.

"We shut it off, it was very smoky down there,” said Robert Wood. “My light came around and I happened to see a cat laying on the ground."

It was breathing very shallow, and they brought the cat outside just as the homeowners arrived.

"The gentleman said there’s another cat in there,” said Wood.

Sure enough, they found a second cat laying 10 to 15 feet away from where they found the first one.

After they brought that one out of the house, the homeowner’s wife arrived and told crews there was another cat to look for.

Medics were on the scene with tiny animal masks for oxygen that were recently donated.

"We actually have three pet masks -- two small and one large so we can use them for cats or dogs,” said Lt. Cameron Hall.

“What these guys did was locate the cats, bring them out,” said Evan Cauffman. “We were able to provide additional care to them."

The cats were transported to a local vet to be checked out and are now back with their owners.

It's no wonder how these heroes feel about pets -- they have one of their own, Smokey the firehouse cat.

“He's like one of the guys,” said Wood.

It was a great end to what could have been a tragic situation.
"Animals are people's family too,” said Wood.

In a tweet from the homeowner to the firefighters, they said that they couldn't thank the firefighters enough for saving their cats and their home.


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