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“My Kitty” by Debra L. Brown

I once had a kitty
who had stripes in her fur.
I could pet her and brush her,
and boy could she purr.

She was a mighty hunter,
and she was not shy.
She'd seek out the bugs,
especially the flies.

Oh, you mischievous little kitty,
with your face in the can.
That fly you are chasing
is now on the stand.

That nasty old bug
thinks he's smart and witty.
But he's never tangled
with my little kitty.

He thinks he's outsmart her,
that clever old bug.
She'll curl up and wait there
on that big fluffy rug.

My clever little kitty,
oh no, she's no dope.
She'll sit back and wait.
She'll show him the ropes.

She curled up and waited,
like a clever old spy.
Then she jumped up
and pounced on that taunting old fly.

So the moral of the story,
if you are a fly,
don't mess with my kitty,
or you will soon die.


“A Cat Named Sloopy” by Rod McKuen

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