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 "He just showed up at the back door of the police department and that's how he got his name. Outside Cat at Rear, which spells Oscar." Welcome to Caturday.

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Cat named McCordsville town hall mascot

MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - A cat in McCordsville is making quite the name for himself. In fact, the city council recently named "Oscar" the town hall mascot.
The big black cat has free roam of the town hall inside and out and has for several years.
Town Manager Tonya Galbraith said, "he just showed up at the back door of the police department and that's how he got his name. Outside Cat at Rear, which spells Oscar."
That was 10 years ago at the old town hall. When employees packed up and left for a new building, so did Oscar, quickly becoming the office favorite.
Cathy Gardner, who is retiring as McCordsville's clerk/treasurer said, "he has 15 parents here lots of love and lots of food."
He also has free roam of the place, with someone always there to let him inside and out. (The building is staffed 24/7.)
Oscar has also become popular among visitors.
"I've always been amazed at people who come in and want to see Oscar," Gardner said. "He makes things softer, friendly...and he lets people hold him. He's very, very social."
And, Galbraith added, a great therapy cat.
"We have a lot of stress. People who come in upset with us or a development not going well...and he comes walking down the hallway and just looks at you with those big green eyes," she said.
But Oscar's had a rough go of it lately. Galbraith and Gardner said he's been hit with buckshot twice, with an ultrasound showing he also had problem with his kidney. He's now on a special diet.
"He's not happy now that no one is giving him treats," Gardner said, with Galbraith adding, "and we all had treats at our desks which was part of the problem."
The vet bills were upwards of $500. Though staff have always pitched in to help with food and vet bills, Galbraith said it was time to set up a special fund.
She named it in honor of her retiring colleague, Gardner, who has been Oscar's biggest caregiver, saying "This is something that will help Oscar and any other mascot going forward."
Gardner said she was delighted with the fund, laughing, "it's better than a (retirement) plaque," but adding, "It the also lets townpeople know Oscar lives here. He's well-cared for, has lots of people who love him and he doesn't need to be rescued."
The women say some people have thought the town hall was Oscar's temporary home. One time, he even wound up at the Hamilton County Humane Society and had to be picked up.
They hope the town hall will remain his home for "many more lives" or years to come.


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Meet Oscar, the town mascot


“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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