[Vision2020] Hike Into A Hidden Grove Of Cedar Trees In Idaho For The Natural Escape You Need

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Hike Into A Hidden Grove Of Cedar Trees In Idaho For The Natural Escape You Need

Idaho is a big state, and that means we’re constantly discovering new places to seek out and explore. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, it seems like there’s always something hiding around the corner! The gorgeous destination featured here is the perfect example of a place that has long gone unnoticed by most people, although it’s definitely well-loved among the people who do know it’s there. This hidden cedar grove is a magical place to escape reality for a few hours, and it’s a must-visit for anybody in need of some alone time with Mother Nature. Keep reading to learn all about this awe-inspiring hidden gem and how you can see it for yourself.

Tucked away near Moscow, Idaho is a hidden oasis that few know about, but you'll definitely want to visit. Idler's Rest Nature Preserve is a heavenly place to immerse yourself in natural beauty, and a stroll through it is bound to leave you in awe.


The nature preserve is located just five miles north of town, but it feels lightyears away from civilization. Owned and managed by the Palouse Land Trust, it makes for a dreamy place to spend the afternoon by yourself or with loved ones.


The 35-acre preserve could definitely be considered a hidden gem, yet it's been used by locals for over a century. The area has been recorded on maps as far back as the early 1900s, and the trails within this area have been used by early settlers and prospectors since the 1800s.


Back when settlers were first moving to the area, trails were marked through the area using strips of cloth from women's petticoats. Early settlers also used "marker trees", which are trees that have been purposely bent, to follow the trail. Some of them remain to this day.


It's easy to see why this beautiful area has continually attracted visitors over the years. It's simply breathtaking. Comprised of lush and pristine natural scenery, the preserve feels like true Idaho wilderness.


The cedar grove is definitely one of the most notable features of Idler's Rest. Made up of Western red cedar trees, the sweet smell of cedar wood is thick in the air and the grove remains at least 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area all year long. It's absolutely heavenly!


A low-impact trail system was created to make exploring Idler's Rest accessible and easy to all visitors. Home to over five miles of walking and hiking paths, the trails will lead you deep into the woodland paradise. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as owls, deer, moose, and even bears.


Idler's Rest is like a little slice of paradise right here in Idaho and visiting it is a tranquil experience unlike any other. It's open year-round from dawn to dusk, so be sure to check out this hidden gem soon.


Address: Idlers Rest Rd, Moscow, ID 83843


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