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Couple arrested in Bozeman for indecent exposure at hot springs

BOZEMAN - A couple faces felony charges for indecent exposure at a hot springs resort.

Police records say a report came in on Friday evening, April 12. Witnesses stated that a couple was "fornicating" in the outdoor children's pool at Bozeman Hot Springs. 

Surveillance video showed what appeared to be the couple having sex in the pool, while children played "within feet" of them, court records say. One witness said she asked them to stop because she and her children noticed the activity.

The couple were pulled over and arrested after they left the resort.

The man reportedly told police they were "stretching," but the woman admitted to "dry humping," records say.

Dawn Danielle Klein, 33, and Aaron Hayes Miller, 37, both face felony charges of indecent exposure. They're currently booked in Gallatin County jail and due to appear in court Monday and Tuesday.


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