[Vision2020] Fighting the lies about Sandy Hook

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Courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning . . .

“In the nearly six years since the mass shooting as Sandy Hook Elementary School, the community of Newtown, Connecticut - and all 26 families who lost a child or a loved one -have slowly tried to move forward.  But some families feel hey have no choice but to look back, to stare down something they never imagined they would face: an outlandish myth launched online and spread through social media that the shooting at Sandy Hook never actually happened, or that it was staged with the help of paid “actors”, including the grieving parents themselves, and that the children who were killed had never lived in the first place.  Earlier this year, several families of victims filed lawsuits against Alex Jones, the online provocateur whom they feel is mainly responsible for spreading lies and conspiracy theories concerning their murdered children.”

Video of CBS Sunday Morning presentation


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