[Vision2020] Judicial Crisis Network Chief Counsel: Severino "...Kavanaugh had nothing to do with this..."

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Statements enlarged below are exactly the talking points that have been
presented by numerous political analysts as the probable tactic to
discredit Ford's allegations regarding Kavanaugh while not appearing to
completely dismiss Fords' account of physical abuse.

After all, being callous to sexual assault against women, far more common
than our society appears to want to face, should be avoided, to not risk
angering women voters with this issue in the midterms 2018.

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*Carrie Severino* is a former law clerk for Justice *Clarence Thomas*, so
she’s no stranger to Supreme Court justices who have faced allegations of
sexual misconduct. She’s also the chief counsel and policy director of the
Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative organization that is behind a $1.5
million ad campaign in support of *Brett Kavanaugh*‘s confirmation to the
Supreme Court.


On Thursday, Severino went on MSNBC, and she had something very different
to say: Ford should be taken seriously, and the allegations she made sound
terrible, but she might have the wrong guy.

“I think it’s very possible she’s sincere with her allegations. Certainly
the experience she described sounds awful,” Severino said. “But I think
also the evidence points very clearly to the fact that it was not Brett


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