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Courtesy of the March 25, 1973 edition of the Spokane Chronicle.


Rollin’ Up The Yardage

MOSCOW, Idaho, March 20 — There are rollaway beds, roll-up shades, rolling stones.  Now, in football, there’s the rollout - the rollout football field, that is.  At the University of Idaho, the school’s new stadium has a 200-by-370-foot piece of artificial turf that can be rolled up on a 210-foot-long steel drum.  The unit operates with two power winches fastened to the stadium wall and 3,400 feet of steel cable.  The turf and its core weigh about 225,000 pounds.  The stadium will have a permanent floor of “non-grassy” resilient synthetic over asphalt for indoor spirts.  The field will be rolled out when needed.

Press photo (front)

Press photo (back)


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