[Vision2020] Was "Recycling:" Aluminum Can Litter Latah County Rural Roads

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Hi Andy-

There is no way you can make choices in our world without dealing with
"hypotheticals," one way or another.

Today I decided to collect aluminum can litter along a mile and a half
stretch of rural road in
Latah County.  I did not have a lot of time to devote, so this was just a
quick estimate of how many aluminum cans I might find in this limited

Along one especially high density litter area, I stopped gathering cans
because it
was taking too long, and left behind many cans I could have gathered.  I
also left behind many cans that were too full of small rocks, dirt  and
debris to be easily recyclable.

I gathered 70 aluminum cans suitable for recycling in approximately a mile
and a half of rural road, all of them right next to or within a few steps
of the road.

Previously on this subject I wrote:

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Oh well!  I guess picking up the aluminum beer cans that litter the rural
> roads of Latah County
> by the hundreds likely thousands is still a nano-sustainable effort, if
> recycling the cans.  Especially
> if hauling the cans on a bicycle; maybe a bit lower energy/fossil fuel
> resource extractive impact...
> I have been amazed by how many aluminum beer cans are  hidden embedded in
> the weeks and grass etc.
> along rural roads in Latah County, long abandoned!  The problem is, they
> are often so full of dirt and
> debris they are not easily suitable for recycling.
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