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Debi Robinson-Smith debismith at moscow.com
Thu Sep 6 22:21:36 PDT 2018

Yep. I am not deluded as to the profit margin Nike will corner. But 
anyone who stands up to the T-Rump fear mongering and "pretend 
patriotism" should be applauded. That it is an international sports 
corporation is even better! I also am a gun owner and believe in the 
right to bear arms. Or arm bears. But who needs an AK47 to hunt? If you 
can't take it down in one shot, you shouldn't be out in the woods. And 
if you aren't in the woods you only need a hand gun for protection. And 
I, like your other female handgun carrying friend, despise T-Rump. And 
Kapernick is an American hero. There is still no equality in the US for 
African Americans, or anyone who is not "white". Taking a knee is 
patriotic, and I will do it at any sporting event I attend. Any True 
American Patriot would.

Make America White Again is T-Rumps real agenda. If he even has enough 
brain to have an agenda.

On 9/6/2018 8:29 PM, Ted Moffett wrote:
> I'm certain the marketing advertising psychologist propagandists at 
> Nike calculated the
> bottom line profit impacts of the Kaepernick controversy, which must 
> be what you are
> referring to, and decided in the long term the Nike brand will make 
> more money via
> supporting Kaepernick.
> Having indulged  in this cynical yet quite realistic statement, I yet 
> agree with the spirit
> of your post!
> As for those who are protesting Nike's Kaepernick advertising 
> promotion, this is a good
> example of the power of the fear mongering demagoguery that Trump 
> utilized to manipulate
> the hoi polloi.  If the First Amendment right of free speech was as 
> aggressively defended as
> the Second Amendment right to bear arms by those who are both Trump 
> supporters and
> Second Amendment die-hards, Kaepernick's protests would be widely 
> celebrated!  Who was
> it who said I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to 
> the death your right to
> say it?
> By the way, I have a good friend who is a firearm carrying (hand gun 
> always with them...
> yes, loaded) Second Amendment die-hard NRA card carrying member who 
> despises Trump!
> Thus she (yes, a female) totally supports Kaepernick's protests!
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> On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 5:54 PM Debi Robinson-Smith 
> <debismith at moscow.com <mailto:debismith at moscow.com>> wrote:
>     My new brand......Thank you, Nike, for standing up for the
>     disenfranchised, the anti-racists, the people with a bone to pick
>     with
>     the white power structure that is the USA. Good to see big money
>     sometimes is on the side of righteous indignation! This what a
>     true hero
>     looks like, and he risked everything to improve this country. He
>     needs a
>     medal. The idiots who are burning the Nike socks they bought?
>     Meh.....and don't even get me started on "drain the swamp and fill it
>     with crocodiles" T-rump. We have a six year old running the
>     country. The
>     only folks who can stop him are stuffing their pockets and running
>     for
>     cover before they get indicted!!
>     Debi R-S
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