[Vision2020] Nike shoes

Debi Robinson-Smith debismith at moscow.com
Wed Sep 5 17:54:43 PDT 2018

My new brand......Thank you, Nike, for standing up for the 
disenfranchised, the anti-racists, the people with a bone to pick with 
the white power structure that is the USA. Good to see big money 
sometimes is on the side of righteous indignation! This what a true hero 
looks like, and he risked everything to improve this country. He needs a 
medal. The idiots who are burning the Nike socks they bought? 
Meh.....and don't even get me started on "drain the swamp and fill it 
with crocodiles" T-rump. We have a six year old running the country. The 
only folks who can stop him are stuffing their pockets and running for 
cover before they get indicted!!

Debi R-S

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