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Our View Sen. Dan Foreman does not deserve your vote

When voters in Idaho's District 5 check a box next to a candidate's name on the ballot, they expect that person will do his or her best represent them in Boise.

At minimum, that means being professional, responsive and supportive of the district's largest employers.

Sen. Dan Foreman has failed at all.

The Daily News does not endorse political candidates, nor will we be going forward.

But we will recommend the voters of District 5 not cast their vote in support of incumbent Sen. Dan Foreman - because he does not represent our district.

Here is what Foreman has done for District 5:

- During his first month in office, he championed a bill that would allow women who have abortions and the doctors performing the procedures to be charged with first-degree murder. Even anti-abortion groups like Right to Life of Idaho acknowledged Foreman's unconstitutional bill went too far.

- He has repeatedly called climate change a "scam" perpetrated by "left-wing fanatics looking for an excuse to raise taxes and grow government." Maybe he should ask his fellow Republicans in North Carolina how they are feeling about climate change right about now.

- He voted against a transportation plan that provided much needed money for Idaho infrastructure.

- He called a man at the Latah County Fair a "liberal nuttard" and told him "go straight to hell, you son of a bitch," because he dared to question Foreman about his performance. He then demanded an apology from the fair's organizers for how he was treated.

- He had an ethics complaint filed against him after he accosted students who were in Boise to lobby for a bill that would allow women to receive up to a 12-month supply of prescribed birth control and promote better sex education on college campuses. In a tweet he wrote the students wanted to discuss "killing babies." Foreman would have benefited from a sex education course.

- Most importantly, he was one of only two senators to vote the past two years against the college and university budget - which funds the UI. He says there was "too much pork" in the budget, and he also voted against it because the UI is pushing "a left-wing, exceedingly liberal agenda."

- And finally, during a candidate forum in April in Fernwood, Foreman let all the voters in Latah County know how he really feels: "Latah County, particularly the university, greater Moscow area, is a cesspool of liberalism."

While such behavior may excite some voters in Benewah County, his actions are not only embarrassing to the district - and Idaho - but harmful.

Foreman does not represent District 5.


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