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Four tiny five-week-old kittens who were found inside a garbage bag which had been dumped in the woods are recovering well. Now named Chester, Ivy, Ash and Rowan, they would like you to give them treets and then leaf them alone to enjoy Caturday.

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Adorable kittens abandoned in a bag need a new home

Fortunately they were discovered in the nick of time and are now being nursed back to health at Raystede Centre For Animal Welfare in Lewes.

The tiny five-week-old kittens were found inside the bin bag which had been dumped in Abbots Wood, East Sussex.

Luckily for the kittens, an inquisitive dog enjoying his early walk ventured into the undergrowth and sniffed out the bag.

The kittens would not have survived for much longer had the dog not intervened.

All the kittens were then rushed to Raystede and it proved to be not a moment too soon.

The four ginger and white kittens have been named Chester, Ivy, Ash and Rowan.

When they arrived at Raystede, Chester, who is the smallest of the litter, was motionless and appeared to be dead.

But on closer inspection he was taking extremely shallow breaths and fighting desperately for his life.

All of the kittens were suffering terribly from hypothermia and dehydration.

They were also malnourished, infested with fleas and riddled with internal parasites.

Immediately all four were given fluids via a drip and placed on heat pads.

Chester was kept under surveillance to ensure his condition didn’t deteriorate.

With plenty of tender loving care from the cattery team along with veterinary care administered from the onsite vet, all the kittens pulled through.

They have all received vitamin injections and are eating well. The kittens are gaining weight and getting stronger by the day.

Each of the kittens has been treated for fleas and other parasites so they are far more comfortable and their skin and coat is looking better.

Chester still has some ongoing health issue so the Raystede team are keeping a close eye on him but he is happy in himself and he and his siblings all love being given their special vitamin paste which is helping them receive all the nutrients that they were lacking upon arrival.

All the kittens will stay at Raystede until they are strong and confident enough to be rehomed.

They will be vaccinated and neutered when they are old enough.

Sadly, it seems dumping kittens is still something that is becoming an ever more regular occurrence. Since receiving Chester, Ivy, Ash and Rowan, Raystede has also received kittens that were left in a car park and also another kitten which was dumped in a layby on the A22.

Raystede relies totally on donations to give all the cats and kittens they receive the best possible care. A donation of just £5 will provide Chester with the vitamin paste he desperately needs to rebuild his strength.

The Raystede team are not sure how much Chester’s ongoing health issues will cost, but much-needed donations ensure they can keep treating not only him but more kittens in the future.


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These four beautiful kittens were found close to death after being callously dumped in a bin bag.



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