[Vision2020] Poverty in Our Region, an Update

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Thu Oct 25 07:30:20 PDT 2018

The League of Women Voters of Moscow (LWV-Moscow) hosted a public presentation about local poverty in the Arts Room of Moscow’s 1912 Community Center.
Five panelists shared their expertise on affordable housing; food insecurity/nutrition; wages/jobs; and child care as those topics relate to poverty. The presentation served as a follow-up to the LWV study and report from 2012.
Speakers included: 
Nils Peterson
(Executive Director of Moscow Affordable Housing Trust) 
Helen Brown
(Clinical Associate Professor in Movement Sciences at the University of Idaho)
Annie Roe
(Extension Specialist at the University of Idaho and Director of Eat Smart Idaho )
Jessie Davis
(Assistant Director for IdahoSTARS and Overseer of Child Care Resource Centers)
George Skandalos
(Owner, Sangria Grille Restaurants)

Videos and photos of this presentation are accessible at

“Poverty in Our Region, an Update”

Videos and photos of previous LWV-Moscow presentations are accessible at:

League of Women Voters-Moscow

Next week (October 31, 2018):  “Recent Changes to Taxes - What’s It Mean?


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