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Courtesy of today’s (October 24, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Tom Bitterwolf.


Letter: Foreman skips forum

This afternoon, Carrie and I attended an AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) sponsored voter forum. Candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties engaged one another with thoughtful responses to a broad range of question. My sense was that all of the candidates comported themselves professionally and in a spirit that assured me whichever way the elections go, we will be well represented.

Notably missing from this forum was Dan Foreman, who waited to the last minute to decline the invitation. I was deeply disappointed, as I was looking forward to witnessing one of Foreman's tirades and bile-filled attacks on any and all who think differently than he does. This is the legislator who has engaged in shouting matches with voters and unleashed a tirade at UI students who were in Boise to support Planned Parenthood. My, how manly it must be to insult a group of college children.

My conclusion is that Foreman is afraid of old people. He can bully and insult children, but when confronted with a room full of senior citizens who have seen his like before, he runs and hides. I can imagine his trepidation at having to answer questions posed by former teachers, professors, university administrators, veterans, business owners and simply good people who can see through a loser and thoroughly nasty person. If Foreman can't take the heat from a bunch of grandmas and grandpas, why should we send him back to Boise? Let's put him out of his incompetent misery and elect Dave Nelson, a thoroughly honest man to represent us.

Tom Bitterwolf


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