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After decades of studying all aspects of anthropogenic global warming, it
has become easy to predict some the responses to credible climate science
reports, such as the recent IPCC report that I was surprised received a lot
of mainstream media coverage.

So I just Googled "2018 IPCC report more of the same will be ignored"
guessing I would find
the same global warming denialism from some of the same sources.

Gee, this was too easy!

The second result down the first page from a Google Search was the
following.  Part of the article is copied below:


Republican lawmakers react to the IPCC report – ‘we have scientists’ too!

Journalists grilled GOP politicians on climate change. It didn’t go well

Major climate science reports usually pass by largely unnoticed, but in the
wake of the latest IPCC report
a number of journalists laudably grilled Republican lawmakers about its
findings. While their responses were predictably terrible, it’s
nevertheless crucial for journalists to hold GOP politicians accountable
for their climate denial and policy inaction. Donald Trump’s answers were
particularly ignorant and nonsensical in his 60 Minutes interview
with Lesley Stahl.
*Welcome to Stage 2 climate denial*

None of the Republicans exhibited Stage 1 climate denial
(denying that it’s happening), but several remain in Stage 2 (denying
humans are responsible). Trump was the worst of the lot, telling Stahl:

*Something’s happening [with the climate] and it’ll change back again
… I don’t know that it’s manmade.*

Earth’s climate isn’t magical. Each of its changes has physical causes and
will only “change back” if something causes them to do so. Trump’s claim is
akin to arguing that if he gains 50 lbs by eating McDonald’s fast food
every day he’ll eventually ‘change back’ to his less obese self. Doing so
would require a physical cause, like a change in diet. Fossil fuels
<https://www.theguardian.com/environment/fossil-fuels> are the climate’s
greasy fast food.

Similarly, Trump’s top economic advisor Larry Kudlow said to George
Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week

*how much of [climate change] is manmade, how much of it is solar, how much
of it is oceanic, how much of it is rain forest and other issues? I think
we’re still exploring all of that.*

And Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) told CNN’s Jake Tapper

*I can’t tell you to what percentage of [climate change] is due to human

Climate scientists can. It’s 100% since 1950
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