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Sadly Sam, they found no respite. They flew doggedly on till their precious
little hearts gave out and they fell from
the sky, salty goose tears streaming down their forlorn feathery faces. The
last goose refuge is no more.

A moment of silence while I cue up a mournful bagpipe rendition of "Oh


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> A sad story, indeed, Roger. Surely, I visualize from your description.
> I wonder where they found rest from their journey?
> Sam S
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> This is not a happy story. I was walking the dog at Mt View when several
> hundred migrating geese flew in from the north. They were low so I could
> hear the whistling of their wings as they passed. For generations, or as
> long as I have been here (1/2 a century), they land every late fall in the
> field just east of the park. It's kind of a semi-wet land where they glean
> and hunker down for a spell and rest. Well, they circled the area a couple
> of times looking down on earth movers, back hoes, and dump trucks ripping
> up the ground, then the leaders turned south, the rest following.
> I have always enjoyed watching them gather in that field calling down
> others to join them as new flocks pass. I usually don't anthropomorphize,
> but I think they might have been sad. For sure I was for them. This would
> have been a wonderful Trail family legacy to bequeath that land to Moscow
> Parks. Gone now. And the creek is just flowing mud from the run-off.
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