[Vision2020] Geese at Darby road.

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Fri Nov 30 13:18:07 PST 2018

This is not a happy story. I was walking the dog at Mt View when several hundred migrating geese flew in from the north. They were low so I could hear the whistling of their wings as they passed. For generations, or as long as I have been here (1/2 a century), they land every late fall in the field just east of the park. It's kind of a semi-wet land where they glean and hunker down for a spell and rest. Well, they circled the area a couple of times looking down on earth movers, back hoes, and dump trucks ripping up the ground, then the leaders turned south, the rest following. I have always enjoyed watching them gather in that field calling down others to join them as new flocks pass. I usually don't anthropomorphize, but I think they might have been sad. For sure I was for them. This would have been a wonderful Trail family legacy to bequeath that land to Moscow Parks. Gone now. And the creek is just flowing mud from the run-off. 
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