[Vision2020] Blackbird Station Grand Opening Ceremony

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Blackbird Station Grand Opening Ceremony - November 17, 2018
The City of Moscow is proud to announce the grand opening of Blackbird Station; a place along the Latah Trail to meet, stop for a rest, have a drink, or fill a water bottle.

Blackbird Station, first approved in 2008 by the Moscow City Council, is truly a community effort with many individuals and organizations contributing toward the project. The Blackbird reference in the Station’s name is in honor of former City of Moscow Council President John Dickinson. As noted by Moscow citizen Nancy Chaney when suggesting the name reference, “Dr. Dickinson lived in the area and was a generous supporter of the Latah Trail . . . Many of John’s friends associate him with blackbirds as a kind of totem animal and recurring theme in our remembrances . . . Blackbirds, particularly redwing blackbirds, are common at that marshy area along the Paradise Path, between Blaine and Alturas Drive. When I was seeking inspiration for a name and biking along that section, several blackbirds flew up around me and swooped across the path. The name Blackbird Crossing felt exactly right. I hope that you will agree.”

Photos and video of this ceremony are accessible at:

“Blackbird Station Grand Opening Ceremony”

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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