[Vision2020] ACES and the Moscow School District (Moscow League of Women Voters forum)

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Moscow School District officials discussed efforts to support K-12 students experiencing impacts from adverse events such as abuse, neglect and exposure to violence.
This forum was presented by Greg Bailey, MSD superintendent, and Kimberly Mikolajczyk, McDonald Elementary principal. They talked about the effects of adverse events on students, their families, friends and neighbors and, at times, the whole Moscow community.
The most vulnerable people during and after these events can be children and youth. Moscow School District has implemented action plans and strategies to support the students as these events occur. The discussion illustrated how staff and resources in Moscow are involved in supportive roles.

Videos and photos of this presentation are accessible at:

“ACES and the Moscow School District”

Videos and photos of previous Moscow League of Women Voters forums are accessible at:

Moscow League of Women Voters (LWV-Moscow)


Next LWV-Moscow forum:

When:  November 14th, 12 noon

Where:  Arts Workshop, 1912 Community Center

Topic:  Local Real Estate and Housing Stock

Speaker:  Bill Belknap, City of Moscow housing specialist with Good Sam 


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