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Courtesy of today’s (May 8, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Josh Babcock (of the Daily News Editorial Board) and former MOM (Moscow’s Own Mayor) Nancy Chaney for bringing it to my attention.

Our View: Linda Pall helped make Moscow a better place

Moscow would not quite be what it is today without its nationally recognized farmers market and its dozens of historic buildings.

They help make up the city's identity, and they are both examples of a mark left on the city by longtime resident and community watchdog Linda Pall.

Pall, 73, who was suffering from several medical complications, died in her sleep at her home the morning of April 29.

After moving to Moscow in 1972, she served four terms on the Moscow City Council (1977-83, 1993-2001, 2003-07). In 2000, she fell to then Idaho Lt. Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter in a race for Idaho's 1st District congressional seat - a campaign Pall was so proud of that a weathered campaign sign sat on her porch outside her front door some 18 years later.

Nancy Chaney, Pall's friend and a former mayor of Moscow, said the 1912 Center - now a community hub - would have been demolished and turned into a parking lot if not for Pall's efforts, and Pall was instrumental in Moscow City Hall receiving its historical designation.

She seemed to have a hand in almost all that is Moscow.

Pall, a former attorney and adjunct professor at Washington State University and the University of Idaho, was a champion for the Moscow Farmers Market, founded in 1976.

She stood for democracy. During her campaign for Moscow mayor this past fall, Pall, who filed her candidacy on the last day possible, said she was running because Moscow voters deserved a conversation about the city's vision, and she refused to let the mayoral race to go uncontested. Not even a bulky oxygen tank and its hoses seemed to slow her down. Her bi-weekly dialysis appointments at the hospital could not, either.

Not everyone agreed with Pall. Not everyone liked Pall. But what she stood for, what she believed in, was a better Moscow.

And she certainly did a hell of a lot more than most. The Moscow community - no matter what your beliefs or the color of your party - was lucky to have her.

Pall was a role model for the youth, a mover and a shaker, an advocate for democracy, but most of all, she was Moscow.

No one lives forever, but in Moscow, Linda Pall just might. Just take a look around.


Linda Pall's City Council Departure Comments - January 7, 2008

“This Land is Your Land” sung by Linda Pall

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares"
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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