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“The Dolly” by Jeanette Cheal

The dolly sat upon the shelf 
in the toy maker's shop all by herself.
The dolly only had one eye,
so all the children passed her by.

They scoffed at the dolly;
they weren't very kind
Then a child came in 
with a dolly in mind.

Her mother led her around the shop. 
At the shelf with the dolly her mother did stop.

The child reached out and felt for the dolly.
The toy maker shouted, "Dear child, I'm so sorry,
this dolly is blind; she only has one eye.
I've a dolly right here you might like to buy."

"No, this is the one," the child said to her mother.
"If I can't have her, I don't want any other."
So off dolly went with the child who was kind,
and just like the dolly, this child was blind. 


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