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Wed May 2 10:51:31 PDT 2018

 Think of our elected officials as employees, because that's what they actually are, employees of us... the tax payers, the stake holders, and the owners.  Think of the campaign process as an interview, because that's what it actually is. We're looking for the best candidates who will bring to the table, and to the organization, ideas, strategies, and energy for the good of the organization as a whole.In an interview it's a serious "no, no" to lie, misrepresent, or inflate one's accomplishments. Yet, that's what we constantly get. And it's become the norm, particularly of late. Citizens need to question the intent, the honesty, and the record of their prospective employees. No subterfuge. No pretending to be what they are not. No pretending to represent the voter and citizen when they are working for special interests who would line the candidate's pockets with gold. That's why I am supporting Paulette Jordan for governor of Idaho. She is not going to give you any untruths. She is not going to be swayed by special interests. She is going to represent you. You! The citizens, the farmers, the ranchers, the taxpayers and the parents. Join me as a common citizen and taxpayer in demanding honesty.
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