[Vision2020] Suspect cited in Moscow school threat

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He’s been identified aa Michael D. Mastro of Moscow .



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Any reason why they aren't naming the suspect?


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Suspect cited in Moscow school threat


Moscow School District Superintendent Greg Bailey said Thursday they received information from police about a school shooting threat.


According to an automated recorded message sent out by the district around 11:30 a.m., Bailey said the person intended to shoot up schools on April 18th.


The suspect didn't specify which schools, Bailey said.


Moscow Police launched an investigation Thursday and located a 26-year old man.


The suspect was cited.


At this time, there is no immediate reason to believe any schools are in danger.


Captain Roger Lanier of the Moscow Police Department tells KLEW News, a new provision to the Idaho law of making threats against schools allowed them to cite the suspect with a misdemeanor.


On April 18th, there will be extra police presence at all Moscow schools in the district.




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