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Courtesy of today’s (March 13, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Andrea Guss.


Letter: Voters were clear: No bridge

In 2007, the Moscow City Council passed ordinance 2007-30, which in part resolved "Third Street shall remain classified as a neighborhood collector to preserve and enhance the central historic neighborhood of Moscow and conserve the safety and accessibility of schools, East City Park and other public facilities and services located adjacent to Third Street."

Bill Lambert, then a sitting City Council member, voted in favor of the ordinance.

Fast forward to 2018. Now, Mayor Lambert appears dead set on pushing through a new bridge that does the opposite of what he favored as a councilor. Lacking any new objective evidence in the interim favoring a bridge, one might be troubled by this about-face by the mayor. I'm choosing to look at this behavior from a different perspective.

If Lambert was able to change his opinion in the past, he may well be able to do so once again. The mayor was elected to represent the wishes of the majority of the residents of Moscow. Those same residents provided their voice last fall by casting the highest number of votes in the City Council elections for the two new city councilors who are opposed to the bridge. He can, and should, return to his earlier, common sense opinion.

And I would hope that, under Mayor Lambert's leadership by example, the remaining city councilors who once voted in favor of a new bridge will carefully consider all the facts, including the mandate expressed by the voters last fall, and vote in favor of a resolution to put a stop to this project.

Only the strongest are strong enough to change their mind. There's still time to be strong.

Andrea Guss, Moscow


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