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2 injured in Huffman High School shooting; 17-year-old Birmingham girl dead

Update 6:02 p.m. Huffman will be open, up to parents whether to bring them, Herring said. Press conference is over.

Update 6:01 p.m. Mayor Woodfin: "We lost a person, not just a person, but a student...Someone's daughter, someone's best friend." She was 30 days away from being 18 and had been accepted into college. "We need to wrap our arms around Huffman High School."

Update 6 p.m. Herring: Full crisis team will be at Huffman High tomorrow, as well as heightened security.

Update 5:57 p.m. Superintendent Lisa Herring says both students are victims. 

Update 5:54 p.m. Students are being questioned. Wilson said he did not know of a fight or struggle for the gun before the shots were fired.

Update 5:52 p.m. Chief Wilson did not respond to questions about who fired the shots. He confirmed there are cameras inside the school, and that police will be looking at the footage.

Update 5:50 p.m. Wilson will not confirm report boy shot himself in abdomen while putting gun back in pants after accidentally shooting girl. 

Update 5:48 p.m. Unconfirmed info from sources say 10th grade boy may have been showing off gun to girls and it discharged. 

Update 5:44 p.m. Birmingham Police Chief Orlando Wilson is first to speak. Offers condolences to victims' families. "Right now we have a lot of unanswered questions." Victims were male and female, both 17. The girl was killed.

Update 5:37 p.m. Birmingham mayor, police chief and school officials expected to soon address reporters.

Update 5:10 p.m. The Birmingham City School system released a brief statement: "Two students were involved in a shooting during dismissal today at Huffman High School. The school was placed on a brief lockdown, and police were called to the scene. Students have been released and police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting."

Update 5 p.m. Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin has entered the school with police.

Update 4:51 p.m. The surviving student is in critical but stable condition.

Update 4:46 p.m. The adult victim was treated at the scene and released.

Update 4:39 p.m. Two students were critically injured in the shooting. One died on the way to the hospital. An injured employee is being evaluated at the scene. Original article continues below.

Three people were injured this afternoon in a possibly accidental shooting at Huffman High School, according to Birmingham police and firefighters.

The gun believed to have been used in the shooting has been recovered. It is not clear if a suspect is in custody.

One mother said she was waiting for her daughter outside the school and called her child's cell phone to ask what was taking so long.

Her daughter, a basketball player, replied: "Mom we're on lockdown."

The mother, who didn't want her name used, said she was told the victims are a male and female but police have not confirmed that.

"I was just hoping my baby was OK, that everybody was OK," the mother said. "I was nervous. This is so sad."


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