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Courtesy of today’s (March 1, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Lee Rozen.


Our View: Bridge over Paradise Creek is both useless and expensive

By Lee Rozen, for the editorial board

Continued support of the proposed auto bridge over the muddy waters of Paradise Creek in Moscow is the most puzzlingly stubborn action by any local government in recent years.

And at $1 million or more, it's the most expensive ineffectual act.

At least four members of the Moscow City Council - Art Bettge, Jim Boland, Kathryn Bonzo and Gina Taruscio - and Mayor Bill Lambert seem to be gung-ho for this utterly useless bridge on Third Street near Mountain View Road. None of them have been willing or able to explain why it's needed.

Only newly-elected Brandy Sullivan and Anne Zabala have given any indication of asking questions about the council's sudden decision last summer to make the construction part of this year's budget. And the two of them seem reluctant to rock the council's boat, especially since they seem convinced they'll lose the argument.

Lots of emotional points have been raised about what additional auto traffic might do to residents and school children on Third Street if the bridge is built.

For us, that's not the point.

The point is spending a million dollars or more on something for which there is no justification at all.

For two half hours a day, there is noticeable traffic trying to get from the east side of Moscow to the west side and vice versa. Vehicles can use state Highway 8, Sixth Street, B/Hayes/Third streets and D Street to do so.

Spending more than half a million dollars to open up Third Street for a direct shot from Jackson Street to Mountain View Road and then spending nearly another half million to slow that traffic down and make the street safe for bicycles is nonsensical.

Third Street, on the other hand, is the only good cross-town route for cyclists and pedestrians. There are steep hills on D, B and Sixth streets, hills that are meaningless to cars and trucks but breathtaking to cyclists and walkers.

A modest bridge for cyclists and pedestrians on Third and modest changes to Third Street striping could likely be had for less than half what's being proposed.

The city has unpaved streets and blocks without sidewalks where the other $500,000 could be spent.

The council and Lambert have wed themselves to a bad decision for no apparent reason.


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Tom Hansen
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