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Courtesy of today’s (June 28, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Dale Graden.


Letter: Third Street bridge is a curse, not a blessing

The Moscow City Council "gave its blessing" to the "roadway reconstruction effort" that includes the bridge over Paradise Creek on Third Street ("Third Street Corridor revamp underway," June 19). This new bridge will enable hundreds of added car trips a day along Third Street, passing by East City Park, the 1912 Center and, incredibly, Moscow Public High School.

The City Council, in its infinite wisdom, wants the public to believe this is a visionary project for our town. In fact, this is a boondoggle of the first order, and a waste of half a million dollars or more of precious tax dollars. By the time the "mitigation" is included to slow cars and make the street safe for bicyclists and pedestrians, the price tag will be even higher.

In a recent article, journalist Hiroko Tabuchi described "How the Koch Brothers are killing public transit projects around the country" (The New York Times, June 19). These are the oil billionaires who helped insert the so-called "president." With their unlimited funds, they are up to new tricks.

By quietly paying canvassers, they have swung elections to prevent proposed mass transit projects in at least five states to date (Arkansas, Arizona, Michigan, Utah and Tennessee). "Supporters of (mass) transit investments (such a bike paths and effective bus routes) point to research which shows that they reduce traffic, spur economic development and fight global warming by reducing emissions."

The Kochs and their lackeys reject such findings. No surprise: the Kochs' conglomerate has taken in billions through the sale of gasoline, seat belts, tires, automotive parts and asphalt for roads and highways.

I make three suggestions to those who oppose this ill-conceived project. First, send proposals to the Daily News on how the half million could better be spent (new police station is one). Second, communicate to the city council to request a popular vote before construction goes forward. And third, how about a bit of investigative journalism on who stands to benefit financially from this project?

Dale Graden


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