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Courtesy of today’s (June 7, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


Syringa deadline extended
Residents of dozen mobile homes given until June 22 to vacate the park

Remaining residents of 12 homes at the Syringa Mobile Home Park were given a 17-day extension to vacate the property this week.

While park residents were originally required to leave by Tuesday, University of Idaho law professor Maureen Laflin, who represented Syringa residents in a class-action lawsuit against the park's owner, said residents of the mobile homes contacted the UI College of Law Legal Aide Clinic asking for the extension; the park's bankruptcy trustee granted the request, allowing residents until June 22 to leave the premises.

Laflin said she is not sure how many occupied trailers are left at the park. She said she is unsure if anyone else residing at Syringa, who did not already receive an extension, will be able to receive one. Laflin said the clinic notified all of the remaining park residents to see if they were in need of an extension.

Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson told the Daily News last month if residents do not move out on time, the bankruptcy trustee, who is effectively in control of the park, can seek a court order directing evictions. Thompson said the Latah County Sheriff's Office would execute the eviction order and physically remove residents and their possessions from the park, but deputies won't be removing anyone without a court order.

Residents at the park were notified their water and electricity were to be shut off Wednesday, but as of Wednesday morning, the park still had water and power.

Avista Utilities Regional Business Manager Paul Kimmell said Avista has not and will not shut off power and water from any of the mobile homes until the individual homeowner or the bankruptcy trustee asks the utilities company to discontinue the services.

With the exception of chirping birds and some residents continuing to pack their items and vacate the property as soon as possible, the park was mostly quiet Wednesday

James Ware, an 18-year park resident, said he is still living at the park in his white and brown single-wide trailer, but his goal is to pack up his belongings and leave by the end of the week.

Ware, who said he will leave his mobile home at the park, said he is not worried about exceeding the move-out deadline.

He said he plans on moving to Montana, "but it's a big leap."

"It's not going across town and making a few trips back and forth," he said.

Tim Tyson, who said he has lived at Syringa for about 12 years, was working to move the rest of his belongings from his single-wide mobile home Wednesday; he hoped to leave by Wednesday night.

Tyson said Sojourners' Alliance is trying to put him in a hotel while it helps him find permanent housing.

He said he rented his Syringa mobile home, and while he plans to move it from the park, he is unsure where.

"I'm so distraught now, you know?" Tyson, 61, said. "Don't know what to do, where to go it is what it is."

Gene Gonzales loaded up items in a small trailer to haul to the dump Wednesday morning. Gonzales, who now has until June 22 to move out, said he hopes to be out well before that date. He said he is leaving his single-wide trailer - his home for 20 years - at the park.

He said he already has a mobile home in Moscow to move into.

Gonzales, an army veteran, said he fears his electricity will be turned off before he is able to move out.


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