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Five 4-week-old kittens are rescued after 2 people spot 1 cat carrier left in 90° heat on the side of I-495. Nicknamed the 495-5, they require 4 weeks of bottle feeding. This story reported by channel 5. I was told there would be no math on Caturday.

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'Steaming Hot' Cat Carrier on Side of Highway Packed with Kittens Found and Rescued by Good Samaritans

Five kittens won a new lease on life — and the hearts of the Wretham, Massachusetts, community — after two locals discovered a cat carrier “steaming hot” and tossed by the side of the highway on Tuesday. With the temperature hovering near 90 degrees along with extreme humidity, police say the kittens “faced certain death” had it not been for the intervention of the good Samaritans who came to the rescue.

The Sun Chronicle reports that a woman driving on I-495 first noticed the carrier along the side of the highway. She called animal control, while another driver also saw the abandoned kittens. He brought the carrier full of orphans to the police, who then took the baby cats to a local shelter.

The kittens have since been nicknamed “The 495 Five.”

“THANK YOU! To ALL our local towns for your attention and generosity! The 495 ‘five,’ are now in foster care with King Philip Animal Rescue. Please see their FB page for updates! THANK YOU, to Sandie Coombs and her children for rushing in and bringing donations and helping hands to KPAR! Apparently the Coombs children are natural kitten feeders! THANK YOU to WCVB Channel 5 for picking up this animal welfare story and helping to advocate for those whom have no voice!” posted Wretham’s animal control officers, along with a video of the cute rescue kitties on Facebook.

Currently, the kittens are in the care of King Philip Animal Rescue. They are estimated to be about 4 weeks old and in need of bottle feeding for the next few weeks.

“The 495 ‘Five’ are going to need to be syringe fed/bottle fed using KMR kitten formula for a couple of weeks! If anyone can donate, please leave it in the Stop n Shop bin inside the door of the Plainville store! Ill get it to KPAR! Thank you ALL for stepping up and ALL for caring!” writes Wrentham Mass. Animal Control on Facebook.


Photos . . .

Did anyone see who left these kittens in this carrier on 495?! They are safe now but carrier was steaming hot. Thank you to the good samaritan who saved them and brought them to the Wrentham PD!

Good v. Evil - The 495 Five

To the Evil...

If you are the one who dumped these innocent little kittens on the side of 495, turn yourself in or get the help you obviously and desperately need. Also ...if you know who did this, you’re just as guilty if you’re silent. Speak up and prevent it from happening again. Someone knows about five little kittens that “disappeared”. Call WPD at 508-384-2121.

And now the Good...

Hats off to Wrentham Animal Control Officer Chris Wider and everyone who did the right thing to take care of the abandoned kittens, dubbed the “495 5”.

The kittens, about 3-4 weeks old, were spotted Tuesday on Rt. 495, trapped in their overheated crate, facing certain death if not for the good samaritans who came to the rescue, scooped them up, turned them over to Chris, and dramatically changed their fate.

The furry five are now getting the royal treatment, safe in their foster home.
If you are interested in adopting, the kittens will personally (or more precisely kittenally) review applications from humans to determine eligibility as parents.




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