[Vision2020] 7-26-18: U of I Professor Gary Machlis Interviewed On Deutsche Welle Documentary "War Waste"

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Today Thurs. on Deutsche Welle on KWSU PBS channel 10 I was surprised they
U of I professor Gary Machlis for an eco-documentary titled "War Waste."
The documentary is wide ranging, from ocean dumping of war weapons to agent
orange in Vietnam still having devastating impacts in areas once
bio-diverse before agent orange was massively deployed.

However, I could not find as far as I searched any references to Machlis'
comments in this
documentary..  Deutsche Welle also does not yet appear to have released
this documentary for
viewing on the Internet.  Maybe I just did not find a source...

Well, I waited till today Fri. to post on this documentary and now it is on
YouTube!  Maybe it was not posted on the Internet till after it was
broadcast on Deutsche Welle TV.  I'm guessing.
War waste - a ticking bomb for the environment | DW Documentary

Anyway, the University of Idaho's Gary Machlis appears at the 31:42 min.
mark, maybe at other times, in this 42:25 min. documentary.

This documentary is superb, and reveals the horrifying impacts of warfare
that continue long after the wars are over.
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