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Courtesy of today’s (July 20, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to Joann Muneta.

Letter: Time to reconsider Third Street

The very high bids for the Third Street vehicle bridge give the mayor and City Council a great opportunity to do the right thing and construct a beautiful, affordable bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Paradise Creek at Third Street, increasing connectivity and bike ability without endangering students and pedestrians and threatening Moscow's unique irreplaceable historic district.

This will be a popular decision given that more than 400 people have signed petitions asking for this type of bridge and opposing the vehicle bridge. Citizens have been telling the mayor and council that spending over half $1 million for the vehicle bridge is irresponsible. Spending over $1 million for such a bridge would be folly, especially when we will be facing a bond issued to construct a new city police station and a new recycling center, and increased property taxes to help pay for street and road repair.

There are already eight streets over the creek connecting the east side of Moscow with the west side, including the Troy Highway, White Avenue, Harold St., Seventh Street, Sixth Street, B Street, D Street and F Street. How can we possibly justify spending over $1 million to add one more street, especially since it will change the character of Third Street from a collector to an arterial, inviting more cars and trucks to drive on the already busy street to access the Pullman highway.

The approved traffic calming improvements on Third Street are justified and needed because of all the current Third Street traffic, especially around Lena Whitmore Elementary School and the high school/community center. Adding a pedestrian bridge will also improve safety because, presently, students climb down the creek and up the other side to get across. We look to our elected representatives to take this opportunity to give us something that all of Moscow can be proud of.

Joann Muneta


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