[Vision2020] “Under Trump the GOP Has Become a Cult”

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu Jul 5 07:12:44 PDT 2018

“Under Trump the GOP Has Become a Cult”
By Calvin Trillin, Deadline Poet

So why do they maintain their loyalty
Despite his lies, despite the fact that he
Acts like a child instead of an adult?
’Cause it’s a cult.

Why would his people always cheer for him
While he, in tweets that are profoundly dim,
Just flails around for allies to insult?
’Cause it’s a cult.

His crude remarks imply we should unite
To keep out anyone who isn’t white.
That language tends to make his troops exult,
’Cause it’s a cult.

It seems impossible that they’re not seeing
Their leader as a dreadful human being.
But most of them don’t leave as a result,
’Cause it’s a cult.


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