[Vision2020] Obama (so far) better on jobs than Trump and Fox News says so

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What's the comparison here?  Creating jobs coming out of a Great Recession is more likely than creating jobs in a heated economy.  Likewise, Obama entered office when the stock market had already cratered which is an easier starting point to go on an upward trend vs Trump taking over when the Dow is at an all time high.  The first year (or even first two years) of a presidential term doesn't offer much insight into how well or poorly a newly elected president is going to perform over the course of 4 (or 8 years).  The real test for Trump will be how he hands Congress once the Democrats regain the House in the 2018 mid-term election.

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Fox News Research ✔ @FoxNewsResearch

Average Monthly #Job<https://twitter.com/hashtag/Job?src=hash> Gains
-by year

•2017: 171,000
•2016: 187,000
•2015: 226,000
•2014: 250,000
•2013: 192,000
•2012: 179,000
•2011: 174,000
•2010: 88,000


5:54 AM - Jan 5, 2018<https://twitter.com/FoxNewsResearch/status/949277919779663873>
And Obama did this coming out of the Great Recession!

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